Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK and Elton John will be in ‘Chromatica’ Lady Gaga | Music



Little Monsters, hopefully, you are sitting down because the next news you are going to do the rise of the seat: I already know the collaborations that are going to have Lady Gaga in Chromatica! And yes, they are even better than we imagined (although one of them we saw it coming).

This April 22, has been leaked the cover of the new album of the artist (who was available for booking on the web Target) and the fans are more smart people have done a zoom to see the titles of the songs. In the end Chromatica you have a total of 16 tracks, Which has been the surprise to see also the name of two artists and a group of world-famous together with Gaga!

What and who is this? Nothing more and nothing less than BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande, and Elton John. Come on, three of the names most dear to the music industry.

BLACKPINK, the girl band Korean that is more giving than talk in the last few years, will be with the diva of pop in a song called Sour Candy. We are confident that the video clip will be a pass.

The collaboration of Ariana Grande, maybe not surprised so much because of the tracks left by the artists in their accounts of Instagram, sharing posts, and being seen in the same study. Even so, we die of wanting to hear the result! The song that they will share the divas will be Rain On Me.

Regarding the topic that will sing with Elton John since we know that it is called Sine From Above. Gaga and he know what it is like to share the stage, as they have done so on numerous occasions. The diva participated in its compilation album, singing Your Song.

Although we still have to wait to hear the result of this album, as the date has been delayed due to the crisis in COVID19 and will not come out on the 10th of April, we have the desire that Gaga launch soon a new single.