Astronomical: Travis Scott x Fortnite: All about the event


Travis Scott will give a concert in Fortnite. After several days of rumors and alleged leaks, today from the Twitter account of the game made official the event and the different dates that will take place.

As well announcing the arrival of ‘Astronomical’the event that will bring together Cactus Jack and the game of Epic Games. The event will take place between the 24th and 26th of April and will consist of a concert in which the artist released a new topic.

‘Astronomical’ the universe of Fortnite and Travis Scott usa

This concert will be repeated at five timeswith different schedules among designated days to be able to meet the demand from all over the world. To be able to be a part of this unique experience you will have to enter in the room enabled by the game, this will open 30 minutes before that to take place. In addition, only by participating, you will be given a delta wing exclusive and two loading screens.

Fortnite blog astronomical fortnite astroworld cyclone glider 1920x1080 45ed09317d8ddd3220a9b4e4b9e3ddc9a6e80908 500x281 - So it will be 'Astronomical': The event that will join Travis Scott and Fortnite

But that’s not all, morning, the ‘Astroworld’ will join the series of idols of the game, which will allow players to acquire skins, movements and other exclusive content related to the artist.

With this, Travis Scott joins other artists such as Marshmello or Major Lazer, which also held events within the game and feature costumes and dance inspired by them and their work.

Sure, many of you, you are already arming of turkeys to do with that new skin Travis. For those who want to see what have they prepared the team of Cactus Jack and Provided, in addition to listen to this unreleased song, for here you have the schedules.

IT IS 12BR Cyclone Astronomical Press Social 500x281 - So it will be 'Astronomical': The event that will join Travis Scott and Fortnite

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