Banana bun, the chignon chic and easy to make promises to sweep Instagram


The plantain or banana are the most popular fruits of the social networks. On Instagram the answer is related to pastries: banana bread, banana cake, pancakes with ripe bananas… But even though the banana is full of benefits for the body, it also has a lot of sugar…

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Does that mean that we should give up the banana in our beauty? No, it means that its form is something like the golden ratio of beauty and in this case of the buns. Hello, banana bun, we were waiting for you.

Think for a second on how to call the makeup to the eyelid area of the eye in which you apply the shadow. Exact, banana. What is more, even the makeup of fashion in the sixties was focused on accentuate the shape of banana the eyelid checking the basin, with a dark color and applying pastel colours on the eyelid. Well, the hair found in the banana is the ideal dimensions to create the chignon of our dreams, the banana bun.

To horse between a bun Italian and a gathered-effect undid, the banana bun has already walked the runways of Paris and Milan in 2013, 2017 and for the last time in the autumn-winter season 2020… “Has become”, as I would say ‘Terminator’ and, before the fear of getting lost several stations confined at home, in the spring and summer promise to be the best scene of this bun with superpowers.

Model with a type of banana bun in the backstage. (Imaxtree)
Model with a type of banana bun in the backstage. (Imaxtree)

It seems elaborate but it is impossible to take more than 5 minutes to do it. The step-by-step banana bun only requires forks and divide the hair into several sections, that is to say, nothing new in the field of hair. And it is there where they hide their super powers because the result is a bow very elaborate that, in addition, picks up hair and barely moves and all in record time.

What is the banana bun?

Although at first glance it might seem like a bun undone, is composed of two parts. The top picks up hair with a twist and the bottom is a bun sponge that hides almost in a knot.

The name of this bun comes precisely from that collected from the years 60 creating almost a hollow cylinder in the hair. The banana bun, seeks to create that egg, but with the curved shape of a banana lying down slightly. The rest of the hair, you must pick it up in a natural way.


On the internet there are hundreds of tutorials on how to do the banana bun and even depending on the result you want to achieve (relaxed, polished, elegant, high…), will change the way you do it. An example of his versatility was the hairstyle chosen for the Scarlett Johansson at the Oscarsa banana bun effect undone and finished off with a thread of metallic.

Scarlett Johansson, with another version of the banana bun. (Getty)
Scarlett Johansson, with another version of the banana bun. (Getty)

The simplest technique begins by brushing all of the hair. Then take in the back of the head, as if we were to do a ponytail, but instead of picking it up, there is that twist in on itself. It is easier if you visualize in your mind the polished finish of a bun Italian. Before securing with hairpins, aflójalo a bit and even released some tuft if you want a finish that is more casual.

Now tap to collect the rest of the hair on the nape of the neck. To do this, rather than find the chestnut is very close to the head, you can take the hair as if you were making a ponytail and fold it on itself, fixing tuft to tuft to the top, with forks. The tutorials you will see it more easily.

The banana bun, more polished. (Imaxtree)
The banana bun, more polished. (Imaxtree)

The previous Italian

After a detailed analysis of the steps of the banana bun, it is impossible not to find a seemed more than reasonable with the classic chignon Italian, a mix of volume, finish ultrapulido and a lot of lacquer. It could be said that the banana bun is the simplified form of the chignon chic of the sixties, now become the hairstyle star concept of ‘effortless chic’ that characterizes the influences of French.

If you are not as cunning as a professional hairdresser as to make a bun Italian, model, and influencer French Gabrielle Caunesil and the stylist Morgane have the tutorial more fun to recreate it in the account of Instagram’s ‘La Semaine Paris’… you May not get anything, but something you will learn.