“Better share it before the paparazzi”


Imagine that he reaches that longed-for time of the day during this time of confinement in which you’re out walking your dogs, and there’s a paparazzi waiting for you that will uncover your look of quarantine.

Well, that is what has happened to the good of Hugh Jackman, which does not lose the humor even in these times, and has published a photo-confession to be “caught“wearing a hoodie and a cap promotion of the brand geneva his ‘enemy’ Ryan Reynolds.

Caught. I thought it was best to share it before the paparazzi. (In my defense… it is the only thing I have clean)”, was justified, the actor, admitting his defeat.

The image has not gone unnoticed to Reynolds, who has responded your way with a perfect slogan for your brand.

“You can’t write ‘drinking’ without ‘drink gin'”, making a play of words on drinking gin and mentioning your company @aviationgin.

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