‘Boku no Hero Academy’, ‘Bleach’ and more



A new Wednesday comes and as usual, the best cosplays of the week are presented on the page of PlayerOne, with new additions of the artists of the scissors and silicone.

Even though the quarantine has been extended all over the world, the cosplayers have not stopped upload their best creations, whether it be a reminder of conventions past, photo sessions scheduled, or even a selfie from home, all of us with the best they have to offer.

Boku no Hero Academia – All Might

A good cosplay of the hero’s most iconic of ‘Boku no Hero Academy’ is an excellent way of winning the hearts of fans and on this occasion, the former hero number 1 comes in a female version Plus Ultra.

The crossplayer Miryoku is responsible for this adaptation, also in your account of Instagram has a variety of heroes from the U. To, including a version with a dress suit of All Might.

Boku no Hero Academia – Midnight

The teacher that every student, except Mineta, questioned whether he should give classes to a primary school, Midnight, makes its appearance to break all the hearts.

Midnight arrives thanks to the cosplayer Kinpatsuthat is not only dedicated to from head to toe each one of his outfits and weapons but also offers tutorials, step-by-step, and the patterns used in each one of their projects.

Bleach – Rukia

The younger sister of Byakuya and the carrier of one of the zanpakutos most powerful of the series, Rukia, comes with this draw and demonstrating that there is no sacrificing femininity for power.

This version of Rukia is embodied by the cosplayer Darkness, a talent that comes from Japan and that he had previously performed the two versions of Soi Fong and even characters ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’.

Overwatch – Officer D. Goes

If you are a player die-hard ‘Overwatch’, you are sure to have you wanted to get your hands on one of the skins most popular of the game, Officer D. Va, which you can now admire in flesh and bone.

The cosplayer who is ready to yell “you’re busted”, it is the talented Agniya Severinaa model of Russia that enjoy their spare time among the fabrics that bring to life their favorite characters.

Danganronpa – Junko Enoshima

After murdering all of her classmates, Junko Enoshima, the Gal’s most dreaded in all Hope’s Peak, he looks desperate and miserable for hours in the boring waiting from now on in ‘Danganronpa’.

The Student Model summary, it is portrayed through the lens of the photographer Daria and interpreted by the model and cosplayer Russian known as Celaya or Alina Becker star of the photo sessions that you enjoy recreating at the villainess with each one of his multiple personalities.

Hercules – Megara

The damsel is never in danger, Megara seems to come straight out of the beloved Disney film with the who grew up a generation, ‘Hercules’, showing that the challenge of the princesses can get to a new level.

The cosplayer international and professional artist makeup Moon he made a great number of Disney princesses on your journey, as well as characters of horror movies in version crossplayer.

The Witcher – Geralt of Rivia

The version of Geralt of Rivia that was Henry Cavill for Netflix is presented before us, and the resemblance to the warlock that we enjoyed during the first season of the series is striking.

Chris Weyerthe cosplayer, actor, stunts, and a well-known imitator of Wolverine in France, is in charge of bringing us to this version, which despite the resemblance, is still in a trial phase.

With the embodiment of Geralt of Rivia culminates the best cosplays of the week, don’t forget to tell us below which one was your favorite and which character would you like to see next Wednesday.