Celebrities who have had problems with The Fat and the Skinny


The program Lili Estefan and Raul de Molina he has more than 20 years on the air, however it has not been all honey on pancakes, because on more than one occasion the comments that have been made of the celebrities have not liked. This has left The Fat and the Skinny more of a conflict. We leave you with some celebrities who have had run-ins with them.

1. Frida Sofia

The daughter of Alejandra Guzman he has never hidden his opinion about things and it seems that this program is no exception. Recently called “pork” the presenter and said that not just keep your opinion because of all the things that have been said of it.

2. The family Rivera

From Jenni Rivera even his daughter Chiquis the program has had several conflicts with the members of this family. The Diva of the Band the did reach the limit and then make you a dirty livewhile with Chiquis had a great lawsuit due to that leaked the details of their wedding. Derived from the problem of the wedding both Rosie as his brothers reacted in a negative way. For his part Lupillo Rivera has also had his run-ins.

3. Alicia Machado

Some years ago, the beauty queen scrapped the cameras The Fat and the Skinny shortly after he confessed that he had been because they always “always expect the time then you slip”.

4. Paulina Rubio

The anger of Paulina Rubio rather, it was with Lili Estefan after that the thrown aside in an interview. What is certain is that the Golden Girl does not like a lot of the comments of the driver. However, it seems that after they made peace.

5. Cardi B

The rapper had a brush with the cameras of the program after she he asked not to the were filmed and the reporter does not make your request. And is that when Cardi B got to a spa, reporter he wanted to interview his father.