Chris Hemsworth comes in with a action and Ricky Gervais is back with his series Netflix – Tvshow – 23/04/2020


After the premiere of the new season The house of flowers opening today, come other premieres to Netflix.

The film Rescue mission arrives tomorrow, the stars Chris Hemsworth, who returns to action after its passage through the Marvel Universe. The plot, written by Joe Russo (one of the directors and screenwriters of Avengers: Infinity War), is based on the graphic novel Citycreated by the brothers Russo, along with Ande Parks in 2014. The director is Sam Hargrave, who led one of the units in Endgameand was responsible for the scenes of fight in Captain America: Civil War and also in The hunger games.

The plot focuses a mercenary (Hemsworth) who will be recruited for a mission that seems impossible: to rescue the son of a criminal chief who was kidnapped. Lots of action, shots and hits are the ingredients of this movie.

Chris Hemsworth in “rescue Mission” from Netflix. Photo: Spread

Also coming tomorrow, the second season of the black comedy After Life, beyond my wife that created, wrote, directed and starred in Ricky Gervais. This second season has six episodes.

After Life
After Life reaches its second season. Photo: Spread

The series focuses on Tony (Gervais), a journalist of middle age whose perfect life is destroyed when his wife died of cancer. After thinking about killing yourself, you decide to live long enough to punish the world by saying and doing what they want them to from now on. Or, as Gervais at each awards ceremony with the stars of the film as its objectives.

“After Life” of Ricky Gervais. Photo: Spread

After Life has led the public to laughter, to tears in all the world,” said the chief executive officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos when he announced that there would be a second season. “We are very proud to be the hosts of the brilliant comedy, as well as specials, original movies and series, Ricky and join the joy of the fans with his latest success, “ added Sarandos.

This second season has been praised by the press that already able to see her for having managed to balance the situations of comedy with the drama of this man hurt.