Coconut oil: how to have thick eyebrows with this ingredient

The coconut oil it is an ingredient known for all the benefits it has in regard to the preparation and cooking of food, but what is certain is that outside of the kitchen also has more uses, some of them have to do with the universe of beauty.

Yes, having coconut oil in your bathroom, you have advantages ranging from creating a mask to bring life back to your hair dried out, as well as to restore hydration to the skin. Ah! and not less important, also helps your eyebrows to come back to lifeso much so, that allows them to be more thick.

Coconut oil: the substance home that will help your eyebrows grow

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Coconut oil: the ingredient that will help you get the eyebrows populated

This product, when its origin is totally organic, you can have a host of benefitsaccording to experts and even Gwyneth Paltrow, who uses it constantly. Remember that it is rich in fatty acids, anti-oxidant properties and provides a hydration to our good fortune, has easy penetration in the hair follicles of the eyebrows, achieving strengthen them from the root, while stimulates its growth.

How can you use coconut oil on the eyebrows?

As already mentioned, the best thing is that it is a product of a source is totally organic. Preferably, use it in the nightsince you’ve washed your face and before going to sleep, preferably 30 minutes before, so that follicles can absorb their nutrients.

The coconut oil will help you to have eyebrows thicker

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How do I apply it to the eyebrows of the coconut oil to grow more?

This will have to do, preferably in the evening hours, two times a week. Once you have cleansed the face, with the hands perfectly clean, it takes a little bit of coconut oil and place it in each of your eyebrows, giving gentle massage, to allow its absorption. Just remember to insist a little more on the parts where you grow fewer follicles.

After 15 days (approximately) you’ll start to notice the difference. Not only the villi capillaries that make up the eyebrows will be thickerbut that will take a bit of brightness, and it will populate a little bit.

A little bit of coconut oil, it will help you have the eyebrows thicker

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