Criticize Jennifer Lopez to celebrate the birthday of his step-daughter in the middle of the quarantine | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO


good afternoon.

in the middle of this wall, and

by social distancing

criticize jennifer ópez.

I estaé talking about how

cacharon to this student

asleep during the class on the line.

look nothing more that a thing.

if you live in the cities to the

northwest of chicago like you

order the dinosaur paó

if, during this quarantine

you want to see peículas mexican

but of those that leave you a

good taste in the mouth and no exit

of your home film festival

international of morelia is

projecting several peículas

as the watcher,


the darkness and john’s dogs,

ust to mention a few,

coéctate to

poor chavo,

because you can’t take

classes face-to-face this


like going to be the surprise give

capture one of his students