Crocs: their history in the fashion to be home


Few objects in the fashion world incite as much debate as the Crocs. Many consider repulsive, offensive to the eye and directly horrible. I do not agree. I have my crocs from 10 years ago and I would dare to say that I love you. Use them with socks and they are like a hug for my feet.

And now, during the confinement at home, have become the favorite unexpected fashion homewear. And how could we not? These friends of rubber are the more comfortable, more easy to clean and maintain the feet in a massage constant use.

The Crocs have also made appearances on the catwalk. The first time was in the parade of Spring-Summer 2017 Christopher Kane.

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But I’m not the only one who has declared fan of these clogs are made of plastic. Many celebrities have made public his love for the crocs, no matter what people think about your choice of shoes. Among them are Ariana Grande, who uploaded a photo to his Instagram showing off his Crocs, white socks, sweatshirt oversize and its classic high ponytail.

Bad Bunny, who arrived at the shoot of our cover of the April edition with Crocs lime green, same that he used when he went to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and with Crocs white in one of his concerts; and Justin Bieber, who was captured at a gas station using Crocs white. And if that were not enough, Kate Middleton was also photographed wearing Crocs red when I was training with his rowing crew, the Sisterhood Rowing Team.

For those who remain skeptical of using this cloud in the feet and think that you would be committing the greatest crime of fashion, the Crocs they have also made appearances on the catwalks. The first was in the parade Spring-Summer 2017 Christopher Kane during the fashion week of London.

The writer of fashion and a contributing editor at Vogue, Lynn Yaeger, was present at this historic moment when the Crocs they came to a parade. “These shoes secret shameful, hidden under boxes of Manolo in so many closets (yes, love them, use them), but before dead than see you with them in the street?), have been reimaginados -it revolutionized!- by Kane.

Made in collaboration with the company Crocsmade in colors, graceful, and adorned with a cascade of crystals and stones, are now, in a miraculous turn of events, suddenly, rarely, absolutely, ridiculously chic,” said the writer to

The Crocs Christopher Kane.

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On the other hand, Balenciaga opted for Crocs with an enormous platform for your parade Spring-Summer of 2018, which were exhausted before they reached the shops. In an article for British Vogue, the creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, explained that for him the Crocs were incredibly modern and that we had called attention to the technology of injection mold used in manufacturing. Said Gvasalia:

It’s a shoe very innovative. It is lightweight, it is a piece of mold rubber and for me, this type of techniques and work with this type of material is very Balenciaga.

Crocs Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2018.

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And the Crocs also have passed through the halls of Vogue. I wish I would have been I who did it, but I won Julia Hobbs, editor senior fashion and trends of British Vogue. One day he came to the office with the Crocs Christopher Kane and received various reactions of his colleagues: some of you wanted to try, others smelled.

Julia walked by the office, enjoying the texture of the outsole that massaged your feet. Also speaks about the comfort that they bring and admits that in any journey, when your suitcase does not arrive, bought a pair of Crocs which still keeps with affection. In the end, declares that the Crocs have passed the test of trend.

The Crocs have become the trend to be in the house and made their appearance on the catwalks in the parade of the Christopher Kane Spring-Summer 2017.

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If you are not convinced up to now that the Crocs are the best choice to be at homefrom the point of view of comfort and new frontiers aesthetic, to the very last detail of information that you leave is that Crocs is providing doctors, nurses, and nurses with shoes on the face of the crisis of the COVID-19.

Crocs in different colors.

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