Danna Paola confirms collaboration with important Spanish singer What a thrill!


The mexican singer Danna Paola, confirmed in an interview for 40 Spain, collaboration with one of the singers most important Spanish of the time, and it is Lola Indigo, who has collaborated with artists such as Morat.

Since a few months ago began to spread the rumor of this collaboration between the two singers genre pop urbanafter a fan of mexican you will find the Spanish singer, and She will talk about the duo, but until now none of the artists had been confirmed.

It was up to the past April 21, when he had an interview for the 40 Spain,that the interpreter mexican spoke and gave details on the new song that will be release date until they pass quarantine.

In that interview, the interpreter Hears Paul is questioned about if you prefer to Karol G or Lola indigo what answers you prefer to Lola because they are great friends and soon will be debuting a song together.

When he premiered the song Danna Paola?

According to what I’ve said in the interview, the new song is Already recorded, but its release will be until you pass the quarantine, it still remains to record the video clip, but after so many rumors this song will be a reality.

“It is a song of a girl chilean wonderful, Lola and I,and I know that you will enjoy a lot”, he Told the interpreter to a mexican.

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After revealing the news, the comments have been positive, and fans of both singers can’t wait for the end of the quarantine and to be able to listen to this duo that will surely be the song of the summer.

Although Lola Indigo has not made any comment on that, on several occasions has reiterated the affection that he has to Danna Paolaand on instagram each that can be discussed messages that demonstrate their friendship.