Dare in the family: The incredible version of Adele Ana Arias… It is Aided by a candle!


The actress Ana Arias I visited direct “Dare family” and gave us this incredible version of “Someone Like You” of Adele. Awesome!

Madrid, known for her role as Paquita in “Tell me“, he lamented not having the same character as the character you play; although if there is something that unites them is their love for the music and in particular by the song.

A passion that is also a talent, as we showed in the own direct to accept the challenge and daring to participate in the karaoke very special that we had organized Luis Larrodera.

The incredible version of Adele for the part of Ana Arias

And it was the turn of Adele for Ana Arias took place. Grabbing the first thing that was found in the room-in this case a sailing-, the actress made it very clear that you have traveled if at any time he wants to focus on his career as a singer.