Day of the Earth; and held a number of celebrities by means of social networks


Today, April 22, 2020 is celebrated at the international level, the Earth Day, while others celebrate the day on April 11. With the intention to pay homage and raise awareness of the changes undergone by the Planet Earth due to the pollution. So today we celebrate fifty years since the promulgation of the day.

For this, a number of celebrities, retook a moment to speak on the topic, the importance of caring for our planet and the nature. Because that is the heart and engine of the life. Despite the difficult times that we are living today because of the pandemic, the Earth has had very significant changes due to the work stoppage and transit at the global level.

Day of the Earth; and held a number of celebrities by means of social networks

Actress Salma Hayek was one of the leading public figures in speaking about the subject, which does mention on Earth Day as a day to reflect on our actions and our role with nature, through its account of Instagram, write a small thought, where he speaks on how it has influenced the nature in your life, with a photo and video.

“In this 50th anniversary of the Day the earth finally gave him a break. By the quarantine, the wildlife has returned to the waters once again clear, and there is a decrease in air pollution, among many other benefits, but perhaps what is more important is that I bet a lot of people have taken the time to appreciate the spring, take loving care to your plants and gardens, (if you are crazy like me – sing!), listen to the birds, and more than ever, thank to our Mother Earth. “

Other of the Latin figures and recognized at the international level, was actress Eiza Gonzalez in short words wrote “Be nice to your mother”. Making allusion to the mother nature, followed by a series of photos that show the actress enjoys being in contact with nature and because it is so important to her to take care of Planet Earth.

Belinda was another of the famous who spoke on the topic and made it very clear that one of the main inspirations on their music is nature. In addition to singing a small snippet of a song from one of their albums past that is about the nature.

As a activist and promoter of the environment, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio uploaded a small image, where he reminds his followers about the important date and invited to learn about the care of the environment.