Demi Lovato launched a fund mental health for those who are going through difficult times

Demi Lovato knows what it is to struggle day to day with your mind and the disorders they suffer; that is why we want to help whoever is going through a fight similar. The american singer launched a new initiative called The Mental Health Fund.

After the orders to stay at home for the pandemic coronavirus, Lovato made a publication in your account of Instagram and explained that the fund that you created will be used to help those who have had difficulty coping with everything that’s been happening in the world.

The image that the composer of 27 years he shared said: “The impacts of the COVID-19 in the mental health last any longer than the virus”. In this listed different types of ailments, from mental such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders as well as domestic violence and financial stress.

“Many have been left alone with their thoughts, their anxieties, their abusers, and are struggling with the uncertainty of these times. That is why I am helping to launch The Mental Health Fund, to support organizations that meet the growing demand for crisis counseling due to COVID-19. You’re not alone. The help is fast, free and available 24/7,” wrote the singer.

In addition, the actress also explained that the help will be available in four countries: United States, Canadathe Uk and Ireland. “You can also make a donation to provide free counseling on crisis-affected people”, he added.

The interpreter of “I Love Me” already managed to raise more than USD 2 millionbut also want to make it clear that people have the option of asking for help, and that when they do, someone will be there to listen to you.

“It is very important the people have these lines because sometimes you feel really alone and don’t know who to turn to or who to talk to. Do you fear that these thoughts that you have are too dark and need guidance. There is where comes this. You can provide help to people who are struggling” said Lovato to the magazine People.

You also want people to be able to see asking for help as something positive, since many consider it the opposite, as if it were a sign of someone vulnerable.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. Many times, our society tells us that if we ask for help, we are weak. But what is stronger that someone can do is to give the first step to getting help, regardless of the form,” she said to the magazine.

For her part, Lovato has been taking care of themselves in different ways. Whether looking for the support of friends, family, and your “treatment team”, or by enabling your body.

I have been doing exercise and walking, I like walking my dogs. At the beginning I was doing yoga, but I left it. [Voy a] re-start that, meditate […] anything that will help you to concentrate and focus is really good for you,” he said.

He has even found a new way of making art: take photographs of your walks. During walks with their dogs, Lovato has taken advantage of being able to photograph nature. “I think I’m starting to like a lot the photo” he confessed to one of his friends.

Lovato is not someone to hide their personal battles, as did a documentary where he spoke of how difficult it was to rehab and quit doing drugs. Shortly after, he wrote a song called “Sober” in which he explained that fell on the addictions.

Now, after the overdose of two years ago, Lovato explained that it will discuss this situation in their new material, which will be released this year.