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Learn about the original series that made their debut or return to the streaming platforms.

Perhaps it is for its drama, its comedy, or for that exquisite combination between both, but every time are more the series latinas who have role in the major platforms streaming. This week is a clear example of this, with the premiere of Ana (Amazon Prime Video) and seasons end The House of Flowers (Netflix) and Life (Starz Play). Find out the details (without spoilers) of the productions that will run to the couch with a margarita in hand.


Season 1

Ana de la Reguera (Cappadocia, Narcos) returns to television as the protagonist, creator and producer Ana. This series focuses on a mexican actress of 40 years, although he lives in Hollywood, has not returned to repeat the success he had as a soap star. With a cast that includes Tina Romero, Eduardo España, Carlos Miranda, Salvador Sanchez and Paulina Dávila, the comedy gives a glimpse into topics such as singleness, sexual orientation, and even drugs. All to demonstrate that, out of the spotlight, life can be a little glamorous, but still very fun. The 10 chapters of the first season, arrived yesterday to Amazon Prime Video.

The House of Flowers

Season 3

The House of Flowers, one of the successes of latinos on Netflix, is closing its doors. In his third and final season, this series will travel to the past of the family Of the Mora, to shed some of the answers to the melodramatic mind of its members. This new stage, which opens tomorrow, join faces as Elizabeth Burr, Rebecca Jones, Ximena Sariñana, and Christian Chávez. To open mouth, the YouTube channel of Netflix Latin america, published this week, The Special of TV, in which both the creator of the story, Manolo Caro, as their main characters: Pauline (Cecilia Suárez), Elena (Aislinn Derbez) and Julian (Darío Yazbek), analyze its great moments.


Season 3

Although Life is set in east Los Angeles, their story is a vindication of the Latin culture. The third season of this series, created by Tanya Saracho, takes us back with the sisters Emma and Lyn Hernandez (Mishel Prada and Melissa Barrera), who are struggling to keep afloat the bar of Vidalia, his deceased mother. However, the gentrification that lives in his neighborhood and the people of the past threaten their success. This plot, by the way, very acclaimed by the critics of EE. UU., it will conclude its passage through the television with a season that begins on Sunday Starz Play (Apple TV+).

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