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Not only has been an important evolution in the technological era and digital, also in the way of thinking of many people. What he has done, that the stereotypes they had about different perspectives change or are broken completely.

In accordance with changing times the thinking of the people has also changed a little bit. One of the benefits of these changes is that each time the women take on new roles in the society.

For example, today we can see a change that has given into the stereotype of the woman as mother and housewife who 50 years ago was the most normal thing and a rule practically. In the that women should stay at home to take care of the children and attend to their husbands, in addition to the constant cleaning of the home.

Today women can choose about what to do, either develop in the workplace, school and decide if they want to form a family or not. Is more, the INEGI ensures that the decision to have children of her own, has had significant changes, since for a decade the number of births in the country have decreased by 17 percent.

Next to this is another change that has highlighted the last few years is the evolution that has taken the stereotypes aesthetic in the beauty industry. The clearest example is like the 90’s and beginning of the 2000’s to the last decade, the trends of fashion and image have changed.

Significant changes in the stereotypes of beauty:

With the birth of movements such as #MeToo the fashion companies have decided to opt for models more “real”. An example of this is the H&M campaign that she chose models transgender.

Even the same Victoria’s Secret made its last attempt to recover to the end of 2019, including the model, transgender Valentina Sampaio.

Brands need to adapt to these changes or fall:

But above all the perspective of the user, as the audience has been shown to favor campaigns which show different types of beauty to which we were accustomed to seeing before.

An example of this is the cancellation of the last parade of Victoria’s Secret, which came to have up to 10 million viewers 5 and up to 3.3 million, and the success that had Savage x Fenty Show on the platform of Amazon just a few days after this announcement.

The parade of the mark Fenty of Rihanna, presented various models and dancers of different races and sizes, including some of the “angels” as Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne.

According to Parrot Analytics, this has a demand for 67.6 percent of all titles reality only in Mexico.

The audience is already tired of seeing perfect bodies:

Victoria’s Secret announced Thursday, 20 February the sale of the 55 per cent of its shares to Sycamore Brands for L Brands, a fashion retailer including this brand, which should be maintained at 45 percent.

From a long time ago, the fashion company was already a significant drop in its sales up 12 percent so only in his last season and this Thursday, 20 reported that shares of L Brands fell more than 7 percent on the day.

Today the brand has gone through constant changes, the most recent is its integration of models free of stereotypes in their advertising campaigns. Since women in large sizes to very small, with flaws that are normal in many women.

This decision has brought various positive reviews to the brand by its users, which for a long time demanded a change.

How can I be aware of these changes?

The constant monitoring of the masses and their opinions, is what that will help brands to also evolve and adapt to these changes. Surely these will not be the only modifications that are live and if brands fail to evolve with these can have serious consequences.

We had already talked about the new careers that help a company with this type of monitoring and positioning, as they are focused particularly in the digital age.

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