Do with Brad or Angelina? With who are going through the quarantine the children Jolie-Pitt


Since September four years ago Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt they announced their separation, the custody of their six children has always been an issue. In fact, some months ago, the actress confessed that it has found difficulty in having to set your life on a single country to be able to stay close to the Oscar winner and that he will have access to their children. With the quarantine it seems that things are still the same cause, as according to a report in the Dailymailthe actors have had to settle in homes five minutes away for the two of you just need to scroll to bring their children and comply with the timetables that they agreed to in the custody that has been made so long the process of divorce.



Angelina Jolie makes sure that Maddox will return to South Korea once the emergency coronavirus

Angelina I wanted to live abroad but cannot for the custody she shares with Brad

Despite the fact that the six children of the couple are very used to travel around the world and even, Maddox examines the university in South Korea, from which broke out the contingency world, have been established in Los Angeles. As described Angelina in an article he wrote for the magazine TIME: “The COVID has separated the children from their friends, of their traditional education and their freedom of movement”. In this case, the kids Jolie-Pitt out of the big brother who already attends the university, they are accustomed to receive education at home, but your life tends to be pretty hectic with trips constant especially with your mom.

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From November 2018, the couple reached a custody agreement in which Angelina has the guardianship of their six children, while Brad has the right to several hours of visits. It is for this reason that, according to the u.k. tabloid, at this time is found by dividing the time between the residences of the actors in Los Feliz, California. The children would be transported by chauffeurs and bodyguards between the houses that are five minutes away.

The only one that could not be engaged in this distribution of the quarantine is Maddox, who being of age may take the decision to make the visits with your father, something that, according to some reports it has not happened in the last few years. The boy of 18 years moved out last year to South Korea to study biotechnology at Yonsei University in Seoul, but in the face of the pandemic had to return home, where waiting anxious to get back to class.