Does the villain of the film? Actor from ‘Star Wars’ confirms what was to be the role of Darth Maul in ‘Only’

The Star Wars universe has had multiple stumbles and one of the most significant was the spin-off of Han Solo, a film that was not well-received by the fans of this universe, this despite the fact show classic characters as Lando Calrissianbut perhaps the thing that most surprised was the return of one of the villains more important, but apparently this appearance was going to be more spectacular, as it Darth Maul I was going to be different ‘Just’.

The film Solo: A Star Wars Story’, showed part of the past of this famous bounty hunters originally performed by Harrison Fordbut this time under the role of Alden Ehrenreich and with the participation of Emilia Clarke, but despite the efforts, this production was not well received at all and many consider it as not canon for the character.

During a recent interview, confirmed that Darth Maul was going to be different ‘Just’, because the character had a large number of changes throughout the production because it looked much more intimidating, even recorded a few grunts:

“They were making a film and doing it at the speed of light. Ultimately, they did what was right because they hired people who were experts in this, as Dave Filoni and, I dare say, to me, because I am an expert in what we have been doing with Maul during the last decade. do you know? They were very open to hear what we had to say.”

This was announced Sam Witwer, actor who has gave his voice to Darth Maul in this film in addition to the series ‘Clone Wars’ and it seems that the greatest enemy of this production was the time, since we worked at a feverish pace and last-minute changes, which affected the character of Maul was only a brief appearance.

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