Drake Maverick looking to save his job as a wrestler in WWE


Among the many staff members who were fired from WWE last week is Drake Maverick; a fighter that little more has been done as Superstars that relate to the Championship 24/7 or to be General Manager of 205 Live. That is why in all probability no surprise that Vince McMahon what to include in its decision to lay off workers.

► Drake Maverick looking to save his job in WWE

Drake Maverick looking to save his job

However, it should be mentioned that Maverick is going to play a few more fights at this company because that’s part of the tournament to crown a Interim champion Weight Cruise NXT, because of the impossibility of a true champion, Jordan Devlin, to defend the title in the united States. Before this, the fighter was launched recently in The Bump to make the following statement about it:

“I always wondered what would happen if someone would give me a steak. What could you do with that? That is the situation I’m in now. I have to make this work for me. I have to make this to serve me for what I want. I have to save my work. I have to win to get the Championship Weight Cruise NXT and in order to keep my job. This is my story now. It’s not about those who are in the Group A. it is Not those who are in the Group B. This is my story and I’m going to win the Championship Weight Cruise NXT“.

This is more a way of Maverick to give interest to their participation in the tournament, but in reality it is not one of the favorites to succeed. In fact, it is not even the favourite to succeed in his group. But to see what is happening in each combat.

Drake Maverick looking to save his job