Expected time on the Edge.thon: Paul came Augustine and made a crossover with Dyhzy


Asked for and got. One of the biggest names expected in this Phylum.thon was just, Paul Augustine. The youtuber with 675.000 followers joined the initiative of this medium that has as purpose, to provide a space of entertainment with a purpose of solidarity: since all funds raised will go to the Red Cross, and part of it will go to the Institute Malbrán, whose work is essential in these times of pandemic.

“Look at the amount of lives that I’m saving”joked Paul in reference to the hopes of his followers, who from early eager for the arrival of their idol to the festival. “I decided to join to tell you about my experience during the quarantine,” said

How is transiting the quarantine? Like many of you, walk the social isolation, mandatory and preventive, and generates the need to change or resolve the things that we had outstanding, in the case of Paul, he decided to raparse.

The youtuber said that he is transiting only to the quarantine -with the exception of his dog, Chester – and held that Susana Gimenez saw one of his videos. “I think that if I lived with someone not miss none of the two people”told with humor.

Soon, he shared a video that happens one of the crossover epic: his conversation with Dyhzy. “How are you going to the quarantine?”asked the youtuber, and he immediately wanted to know if he is happy. “Happy is a very difficult term. I think they are moments. In this moment, yes”, he replied.

“Did you have your moment Britney (Spears)?”asked Paul, as he did what he had to raparse the hair. “I had my moment Britney with the eyebrows”, he replied, Dyhzy and immediately proceeded to an exchange of series and movies they were watching during the quarantine period.

While Dyhzy recommended “Unorthodox”the fiction about a jewish woman who escapes from the united States of Germany and begin to rethink the habits with which he lived and was raised, Paul spoke about two films of suspense, or thriller: “Happy day of your death” and “The pit”.

So it was flowing a talk fun in times where the humor is so necessary for us among all. “The virus will win among all”closed to choose a heartening message.

The transmission of the cutting Edge.thon

It was twelve hours of shows, games, presentations and more. Where? Through our YouTube channel here. In addition, and mainly, we were able to raise over 400 thousand pesos for the Red Cross, and part of it was donated to the Institute Malbrán.

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