Follow their steps! The little brother of Justin Bieber will not stop to be like him


Justin Bieber started within the world of music when he was very young, as punishment to 16 years was launched to stardom and has since not stopped.

In 2008, the producer Scooter Braun discovered the talent of the singer through YouTube videos and offered to be their manager within the industry.

While entering into the world of fame since I was very small is usually not very advisable, everything can be easier if you have the support of someone older.

This is what happens to the younger brother of the artist, who wants to follow in his footsteps and venture into the world of music.

Recently, the Canadian he shared on his Instagram a picture next to the small. In that you see the child touching the battery.

“I love you with all my heart,” he wrote the interpreter of “Sorry” as a description of the image. Today there are over a million I like.

The followers of the blond melted of cuteness when you see the photo, and could not avoid commenting on the great resemblance that there is between the two.