For a look rested: the simple recipe to relieve the look of puffy eyes in 10 minutes | Trends, and Healthy Living


Trying to conceal the puffiness or bags under the eyes, is not a simple task. On many occasions, the makeup fails to conceal them.

In this context, Ole Henriksen, famous specialist in skin care, whose products have been used by Kim Kardashian and Becky G, revealed to the site Vogue Spaina surefire trick for descinchar that area of the face.

“Nothing works better to take two cotton balls and saturate them in cold milk, place them in the eyes and leave them for five or ten minutes”advised the facialista.

As explained by Henriksen, the lactic acid in milk softens the area around the eyes and helps reduce puffiness. He said, furthermore, that in a short time we can achieve a look well-rested and less inflamed.

However, it also revealed that the mythical trick of use two slices of cucumber on the eyes, it is also a good alternative for descincharlos.

Also, the specialist recommended to look at our diet, the food that could be causing the swelling in the face.

Finally, he said that the high consumption of salt could be the cause. “Not only swells the region of the eyes, but this is more obvious, because the skin in this area is very thin and delicate“, sentenced.