Greta Thunberg makes call to continue the fight against the climate change in the middle of a pandemic


What happened?

As part of the commemoration of the Earth day this April 22, the environmental activist, Greta Thunberg asked the governments to continue fighting against the climate change even during the emergency by the new coronavirus, warning that global warming “is not slowing down”.

Through a public statement, the young man stated that countries must focus on “faced with two crises at once” and he added that the pandemic by the COVID – 19 showed the importance of listening to the scientists.

“The environmental emergency is in progress”

“Today is Earth Day and it reminds us that the climate and the environmental emergency is still ongoing,” said Thunberg, according to the Daily Mail.

The young man insisted on “tackle the pandemic by the coronavirus at the same time we face climate emergencies, and environmental (…), we are facing two crises at once.”

A report published as part of Earth Day revealed that 2019 was the warmest year registered in Europe, for example. This reinforces the discourse of the activist not to abandon the fight with global warming.

The importance of listening to science

With the outbreak by the COVID-19 in different countries of the world, it has been shown that pollution has decreased in recent weeks due to economic stagnation in the world caused by the pandemic.

Thunberg said that the virus outbreak showed the importance of listening to scientists and other experts. “That applies to all crises, whether the crisis the coronavirus or the climate crisis, which is not slowing down, even in moments like these,” he said.

The activist Swedish said in March that he had probably been infected with the new coronavirus, saying that he had developed symptoms after traveling through Europe.

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