Halle Berry broke bones filming with the champion of UFC Valentina Shevchenko


For his debut as a director, the Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has been immersed in the world of mixed martial arts with a film that presents the champion of fly-weight of women of UFC, Valentina Shevchenko.

It’s called “Bruised”, and Berry also plays the main character of the film, Jackie “Justice”. What is it about?

“It is a film about a kind of fighter MMA dishonored in the middle towards the end of his career, and is a kind of journey that traverses to retrieve his son who left when he was very young, and then to recover a sense of himself and his race return, “ said Berry on Tuesday night while appearing on” The Tonight Show “with Jimmy Fallon. “It’s a film that sat on my lap three years ago, and is one of those stories that captivated me. I understood the depth of the pain of this woman. I understood why I was struggling. It is very redeemer. “

It was not the intention of the Berry star in and direct the film, but she assumed the latter role after that no one else connected with the story as he did.

“I was able to rewrite the film and set it in a world that I understood for a woman of my age,” said Berry. “It was originally written for a white girl, irish catholic for about 20 years, so I had to re-imagine it for someone like me. It was fun.”

What is not so funny, perhaps? Takes of scenes with Shevchenko. The champion of UFC plays the role of the main rival of the character of Berry. Things got pretty real in the set, something that Berry appreciated it.

“I broke a few things in this”, said Berry. “And do you know what? Is well. I always hurt myself, but I realized that, when you strive, you you hurt this. When you do your own stunts, you will surely get you hurt this.

“In this film, he was fighting against the true champion of fly-weight UFC, Valentina Shevchenko. And do you know what? She had to throw some kicks real, and I really had to take them, and that really broke some bones. It is a beast, but I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, a better scene partner, a best companion of struggle. She just brought so much reality to me. Sometimes, I felt that I was really fighting. As our referee was in the movie is a referee real, and says a couple of times: “Man, I thought I was watching a real fight” because she brought so much power and authenticity to our scenes of fighting. “

As if we could not love Halle Berry and Valentina Shevchenko even more than I already do.

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