Halle Berry nearly died in a sex scene with Pierce Brosnan


What you see in the movies is almost never as perfect behind-the-scenes, not even Halle Berry in imitation of Ursula Andressthe first Bond Girl, in one of the scenes most sexy in Die Another Day, in which Jinx Johnson, the agent who must work with Bond to resolve a dangerous mission, and out of the water using a bright bikini orange with the style of the 60s, which leaves the agent 007 with the mouth open.

Halle Berry made history as the first Bond Girl african american in the story, but his big moment in the film had a small accident that nearly cost him his life, and not just by jumping from a building, fight a villain or fighting to the shock (makes a lot of that, but this is not the case).

The former competitor of Miss USA 1986, which became the fantasy of thousands of men since I came out as the sexy secretary/Femme Fatale in the film The Flintstones (with John Goodman) spends the whole film trying to beat Bond at his own game of seduction, and in the end the two end up together and, like many other women, she ends up having a night of sex with the agent of the MI6.

It’s all very sexy on the screen, but, at this stage of the game, because we all know that these scenes are not as much fun for the actors (Margot Robbiefor example, says that this scene of Wolf of Wall Street was not at all pleasant for her, and we understand it perfectly), have dozens of eyes on top, coaches that tell them how to move and tend to be in positions or places that are not exactly comfortable.

So it was as Halle Berry she ended up having his accident NSFW on the set of the film. The actress told Jimmy Kimmelwho has been doing your program via the Internet, which had a dangerous moment and something humiliating in a full sex scene with Pierce Brosnan, one of the great icons of sexual 90. Berry explained that, while trying to capture the essence of a Bond Girl, it is finished atragantando with something that I had in the mouth and almost drowned, Brosnan had to make the Heimlich maneuver to save her, and became the same hero, at least for her, that was playing at that time.

This teaches us two things, the sex is not perfect, and never, never is as you paint in the film (forget to give her an orgasm if they are drunks or that all turns out well always) and that even the people most sexy of the world are freed from having time uncomfortable when it comes to relationships.

(The story begins at minute 9).

Berry didn’t have to impress Brosnan, is one of the women most beautiful and successful of the world, but I wanted to do it because, after all, he was James Bond and that is always cool, and that ended up playing against you and causing an accident that could be lethal if he does not know how to make the famous maneuver.

In the end, Halle Berry was rescued by his spy in golden armor, they were able to finish the scene and everything went well, even though it helped add points to Brosnan to become the best Bond, that position will always have it Sean Connery and Daniel Craig what follows closely in second place.

Surely there are many other stories as well in the sets of the movies, but we’re going to have to wait for the protagonists let go of the soup, and we will continue revealing the secrets hidden behind cameras. Halle Berry probably going to be much more careful with their scenes of sex from now on, and remains one of the best Bond Girls.