Home quarantine: The best movies to see today on the television (April 22)


We continue with the month of April, more sadly atypical of our history and keep the bans to stop the spread of the pandemic coronavirusthat have to do with stay at home the longer the better and just leave it for actions essential. We have spent already many, but there are more hours to fill with books, series, telework, and also movies. In the absence of film in the rooms, each day will advise you some of the best films that, each day, broadcast on television. That enjoy them.

Joy (Divinity, 22:45 hours)

Joy Mangano, a humble worker from Long Island, he ended up becoming a popular inventor of household products and also in one of the most well known faces of the teleshopping american. Jennifer Lawrence, Robert de Niro and Bradley Cooper rounding out the trio of protagonists of this entertaining comedy with dramatic overtones.

Los hombres que miraban fijamente a las cabras (Paramount, 22:05 hours)

George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges head up a cast of authentic luxury for a black comedy with the Iraq war as a backdrop.

The secret in their eyes (8 Madrid, 22:00 hours)

One of the best films shot in Spanish in this century. So, without exaggeration. The story of intrigue and mystery argentine Juan Jose Campanella is barbara and the interpretations of Ricardo Darínand an impressive group of side, leave no room for doubt. A real awesome movie.

Vertigo (From the dead) (TCM, 19:54 hours)

James Stewart and Kim Novak they formed the main couple of one of the best directed films ever by Alfred Hitchcockthat is saying something. A masterpiece of film of intrigue of all the times.

The butler (AMC, 22:10 hours)

Cecil Gaines, played in the film by a solvent Forest Whitaker, it was butler head of the White House during the term of eight presidents (1952-1986), which allowed him to be a direct witness of the history of political and racial in the united States.