Ignacio Achucarro, in the eleven ideal of foreigners of the Seville


The challenge on Twitter between the european teams named #TuXIAmericano popularized this weekend and some paraguayans appeared on the payroll of some sets of the old continent have made a powerful mark on those teams while they were there.

This is the case of Ignacio Achucarro, the defender emerged at Olympia and advocated for 10 years, between 1958 and 1968, the shirt of Sevilla in Spain.

The Spanish team included the paraguayan in her eleventh historical ideal of americans who passed through the club. Achucarro is always remembered by the fans of Sevilla and even in 2012 they paid him a tribute in Spain and presented him with the “back to Legend”, with the number 6 that was used, in recognition to his career at the club.

What called the attention in the eleven ideal of Seville is that there appeared to Diego Armando Mardona, who also spent his football in the Spanish painting.

Other paraguayans appear in historical computers of european clubs in this challenge are:

Roque Santa Cruz of Bayern Munich

Junior Alonso in the Lille of France

José Luis Chilavert, Delio Toledo, Carlos Diarte, Felipe Ocampo, Adolfo Soto and Saturnino Arrúa in Zaragoza.

Gustavo Benitez as DT from Racing Santander of Spain.

Jerome Villalba in the Compostela of Spain.