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Colombia Caring for Colombia

Colombia takes Care of Colombia (CCC) is an alliance of civil society and the private sector that expects to raise 37.500 million pesos to help in food security and health to the most vulnerable populations.

Until the 18 of April we have raised over 429 million pesos and 1,165 persons have donated, according to the web page of CCC. With this, it has helped 791.171 people, delivering donations in 98 municipalities and cities of the country. Price Waterhouse Coopers is responsible for auditing the management of resources.

The alliance will help to older adults, informal workers, single mothers, indigenous populations and migrants. Colombia takes Care of Colombia counts with more than 260 partners among associations, foundations, companies, networks and academic institutions.

For food safety, the operational support is provided by the Association of Food Banks of Colombia. The Fundación Saldarriaga Concha and the Bank of Medications are the organizations that are leading the management of health. In addition, we are using technology EatCloud and Government databases and other sources to prioritize the populations and the places where it is intensifying the crisis.

If you are interested in contributing to that CCC continue delivering aid and reach your goal collection, you must enter the following web page: There are donations of 50,000 pesos onwards. The amount donated can be used for food or kits of protection for health professionals. In the event that what you want, you can also donate volunteer time, food or medical supplies.

Produce fans

The University of the Sabana and the Clinical University of La Sabana, with the support of other entities, developed the first mechanical ventilator low-cost in the country. The businessman Luis Carlos Sarmiento donated $ 1.2 million to accelerate the manufacturing of these devices. As funding is needed to produce more than 100 units of fans, donations in the current account 311008296 of BBVA, in the name of the University of The Sabana (NIT: 860.075.558-1).

Cerrejón help in La Guajira

The company Cerrejón has managed the delivery of over 6,000 million pesos in aid to The Guajira. The resources are used to purchase medical supplies for hospitals in the region, deliver potable water to the communities and donate humanitarian aid. It does this with the support of the Secretariat of the Health Department, the Social ministry, employees of Cerrejón and other allies. In addition to donations, are feeding a database that already has more than 50 medical support on a voluntary basis in the treatment of patients with symptoms of covid-19.
Also, they have earmarked 1,000 million pesos to support the distribution of 25.100 markets, and kits of hygiene in the department, according to the organization.

Together, We Are More Country

The National business Association of Colombia (Andi), with the campaign United We are More Country, receives grants for four purposes: solidarity bonus to cover basic needs of vulnerable population; provision of intensive care unit, intermediate, and breathing; regional initiatives and support to the National Unit of Disaster Risk Management and the Association of Food Banks of Colombia. To add more than 102 companies and individuals who have donated, go to or call 1-423 32 98.

Animals need support

Due to the lack of sources of income, the Zoo, Santacruz (Tables of School) is asking for help to take care of the animals that live in their facilities. Donations are received in the savings accounts 002300124183 (Davivienda) and 945-095910-61 (Bancolombia) in the name of the Foundation, Zoo Santacruz. You can also bring in On the other hand, in Medellin, the Zoo Santa Fe is home to 947 animals, so that is receiving donations in the savings account of Bancolombia, number 008-292658-42.

Music to help physicians

The singers Andrés Cepeda and Fonseca launched the song and the campaign, I give You my heart, with the purpose of making contagious the solidarity and help of the Fundación Cardioinfantil. Media and businesses have joined as partners of the initiative, which brings together resources to protect the medical staff, to acquire mechanical ventilators, among other purposes. Donations, in money or in kind, received on the current account Bancolombia number 03100025427 or in the page

Takes a bookstore

The objective of this campaign, driven by the Colombian Chamber of the Book (CCL), is to avoid that around 47 libraries in the country are forced to close due to the lack of sales. Donations will be delivered in an equitable manner to the libraries who applied to a call already made. You can donate up until the 15th of may in In order to know what will be the libraries benefit from, visit

Talents gathered

On the website of the initiative The Dwelling (, visitors found game of games, videos and more material of entertainment and good living which bring filmmakers and trainers (in the photo, Carolina Manrique). The goal is for users to donate markets which will be delivered to families of workers in the entertainment sector, who on account of the quarantine have been terminated. In two days, had already managed more than 150 markets.

Support the film art of Tonalá

Cine Tonalá Bogotá is asking for help to not disappear, as it keeps their rooms empty due to the isolation. The organization, which has screened 174 feature films and 450 colombian shorts since it began operating almost 6 years ago, is to receive ideas or any kind of support. If you would like to contribute, let us know by filling out the form at the following link: Remember that you can help with money, but also with proposals.