Is Jackson a date with Halle Berry

The producer Kenneth Babyface Edmonds stated that the singer of Thriller, who died by an overdose of Propofol in June of 2009, a time came to the l to ask for his help to arrange a meeting with the actress for Monsters Ball.

Babyface asombr to the fanticos of Michael Jackson, when you said -while I was playing a remix of the song of MJ, Human Nature with its companion singer Teddy Riley, in a session of Instagram Live – the call that made him the King of Pop.

One time Michael called me, and told me: Babyface, you know who is Halle Berry? you know Halle Berry?, I said: s, I know Halle Berry.

Then I said: you Can do me a favor? I want you to call, because I want to take her to an appointment, I said what? Llmala, I want to take her to an appointment, recalc.

Then contact the agent why and not taken the number of Halle Berry. And then, I was waiting for news of Halle, and I can’t tell you exactly what she said.

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