It is so funny! Kim Kardashian showed that living in parallel worlds… you Already knew the coronavirus!


Kim Kardashian it is women with more desopilantes the world of the show, his career has been marked by controversy and in the past few months by the terrible syndrome of predictions of apocalyptic.

The daughter of Kris Jenner has driven many initiatives to counter the crisis causes around the world, but some of his ideas leave you shocked their fans when they’re played.

So much is his mischief that the entrepreneur published a photograph of an old walk next to her husband Kanye West, for a few cold streets where left to view that cover your nose and mouth with a few scarves.

Definitely unusual, is that the image was captured in 2014, but the influencer took the memory with a lot of humor and said: “Back to the future”, in reference to the current situation.

Certainly millions of people these days are using protection, including barbijos at the time of exit to perform any kind of activity that involves breaking the confinement.

However, the artist he tried to break the climate of tension before the extension of the quarantine, so that he impressed everyone with his postcard ‘which predicts’ the issues live.

Even when for many it is a topic that does not deserve jokes, the modelor achieved a massive support in your original message, so much so that it reached 2 million likes, plus hundreds of comments that the name ‘as sighted’.