It risky! This was the photo that came up Selena Gomez and conquered… it’s All the internet users!


Selena Gomez it is a figure that, with the passage of years has managed to get their own place due to your career multi-faceted that it was developing, due to his incredible talent.

He dabbled in the artistic world, with only 10 years to get her first role as Gianna in the children’s series Barney & Friends, this marked the beginning of a successful road to the actress.

Without a doubt the singer has evolved with time, and is considered today one of the celebrities that higher impact causes in the public.

In the last time, the 27-year-old he premiered his new single entitled “Boyfriend”, and to his good fortune, received the approval of all those who follow.

Through your profile on the internet, the u.s. has decided to be a little more provocative than what we were accustomed to, it is for this reason that every time you upload a publication, the networks begin to tremble. Oh holy mother!

Most are grateful for the hot photographs the former girl Disney Channel, are their fans, who in a matter of seconds colman your platform of likes and comments praising her beauty.

It should be recalled that a few weeks ago, Selena Gomez had confessed to suffer disorder of bipolarity, and this is a struggle with which she is facing on a daily basis.