It to be discovered! It comes to light that Ariana Grande doesn’t want you to know that it Hides a great secret!


Ariana Grande, is one of the celebrities who, despite being very young, has earned a respectable place in the world of show business thanks to his talent and charisma.

The u.s. he has also conquered millions of fans with their beauty, while in the plane of the sentimental has broken the hearts of more than a dupe.

But in this opportunity, an unexpected news about your marital status has put in the eye of the hurricane the interpreter of “Bang Bang”, since it is precisely their intimacy.

According to strong rumors, the artist of 26 years would have gotten good company during the quarantine, resonating across the internet with name and surname.

Dalton Gomez, would be the lucky new love the star of the music who allegedly engaged in the business of real estate and would have stolen all of his attention.

The information has caused an uproar among his followers, who are eager to know more details the pop singerbecause up to now would not have confirmed the rumors.

For his fans, the disappearance of Ariana in social networks, who just days ago was encouraged to participate in a “live” Disney, gives clear signals that it hides something very big.