“It was confidential” – Serena Williams responds to Roger Federer


Roger Federer caused a stir today when she tweeted about getting his desire that the ATP and WTA work together in a unique association. A statement like that will never go unnoticed, especially of man swiss. Serena Williams was one of the countless athletes and fans who responded to the tweet. However, for some mysterious reason, she has removed her tweet.

Roger Federer wants to merge ATP and WTA

The tennis season has been suspended since the beginning of march due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Roger Federer believes that this is the perfect time to open the door to discuss the merger of the Association of Tennis Professionals and the Association of Female Tennis.

This is not a notion that Federer has evoked out of nothing; it Has been floating for decades. But when Federer says something, the entire community of the tennis listening.

One of the first players to touch the topic was none other than tennis legend Billie Jean King. She hopped on the tweet from Roger and he expressed his desire for that to happen in the end.

So did the player australian withdrawal Rennae Stubbs.

Many professional players today also responded to your tweet, and the majority was in agreement with Roger.

Simona Halep was one of the first to respond.

Nick Kyrgios tweeted a simple “yes” to the notion. Although at first glance you might think that you agree with Federer, with Nick you never know what is going on.

Leave it to the interpreters.

Another large and influential in the tennis, Rafael Nadal, showed his support for the idea of an archrival. But, again, that is not surprising.

If there is someone who has so much influence in tennis as Roger is Serena Williams. And she also agreed with the sentiment and expressed it with a bit of humor. However, as we mentioned before, she deleted his tweet later for some unknown reason.

However, we had in our hands an image of his tweet.

If Federer and Williams want that to happen, this could be the best opportunity for that to materialize. However, it will be difficult to achieve. Wait and see how things work.