It’s All Terrain!: While fighting against the COVID-19 Ariana Grande could join together to Rihanna from this movie!


Ariana Grande could not miss this meeting and met with Rihanna to undertake the project ‘Project 100’. The initiative was two former candidates for governor and president. It consists of bringing a significant sum of money to each family who finds themselves in a financial situation compromised.

This helps you already managed to raise over 55 million dollars and added to a long list of actors and filmmakers Americans who are willing to donate from their bank accounts. The singer and Rihanna part of the group of celebrities who contributed their earnings to fight against the COVID-19.

In the last few hours, we were able to see the campaign from his fans for that Ariana Grande part of the new elect who will play the lead Hercules, the legendary animated film. The crusade to interpret ‘Megara’ in the LiveAction is that the American artist rose to Instagram a video where you sing the lyrics of the film child.

On your part and thank you to the thousands of messages received in a few hours, the company Disney is already analyzing the proposal, and Large is shown happily. Hercules will be the new adaptation to the big screen, as it was The Lion King. In parallel, Susan Egan -the original voice of Megara – joined to the complaint, which was inspired more to their fans and the same candidate.