It’s the best news! Aaron Carter shocked the nets with a confession unexpected to his followers


As is customary during this quarantine, the fans have been able to have a greater access to the privacy of celebrities, but until now very few were the news of the magnitude of this.

Is that Aaron Carter announced through the social networks, which in its 32 years, will be transformed for the first time in his life father.

The singer used a pregnancy test to reveal through a broadcast live of Instagram that his partner Melanie Martin is pregnant.

The artist exhibited a test made by his girlfriend Melanie with a positive result and in this way he surprised all of his followers that quickly showed happy before the novelty.

Carter he accompanied the image with a short text: “Obviously I have a baby on the way, sure that I am going to be a busy father. This is the official announcement, we’re pregnant,” he wrote in his publication.

In addition, celebrity you made a statement in which I confirm the news through People, and was very happy. “This is what we both want. The two we tried, I’m just focused on the future and being a dad,” he said.

At such a sensitive time, and in which the bad news are the order of the day, without a doubt, this is a great news for the family and all of their followers that are already on the countdown.