Jacquemus, couture look millennial


Fashion editors, models, “influencers” and precursors of the trends share your admiration for Jacquemus, the French firm that is consolidating its position as one of the referents in the picture thanks to a winning equation in the present: fashion and social networks.

For several seasons now, fashion magazines and social networks aimed at the image as Pinterest or Instagram are filled with photos that have little to do with gateways to use. All of them, either showing garments, props, music, or even invited, correspond to a same signature: Jacquemus.

Stylists from the most prestigious fashion editorials and celebrities such as Monica, Rihanna or Chiara Ferragni show with assiduity the creations of the firm. But who are the people behind this independent firm that so rapidly is positioned as one of the most demanded?

Simon Porte Jacquemus, after studying at the School of Arts and Techniques of the fashion of Paris and leave his previous job as a stylist, he created twenty years the firm with the maiden name of his mother .

Coming from a humble family of farmers, the young artist started selling, in addition to garments, a global concept that presents a fashion lines are minimal and garments smooth as a seal, always with the inspiration of its origins linked to the Provence, france.

“My name is Simon, I like the white and the blue, the sun, the fruits, the life, poetry and Marseille in the eighties”, as defined by the designer, which emphasizes the importance of social networks when he states that “what is beautiful in Instagram, it will be sold”.

It is as well as its parade of spring-summer became the most viral fashion summer, leaving aside the large firms, iconic, in social networks, follow in their footsteps.

An example of mise en scene: Far from to wear for their parade a large lounge with spotlights and flashes, makes its runway in the middle of a lavender field in flower, where he presents the collection. Scene idyllic where there, that captured the attention and the eyes during the days of fashion in Paris.

Among all the collection presented, “le chiquito”, a bag of minute dimensions -less than ten centimeters, has become the must-have accessory for discerning and passionate. An item that wears, colorful and vibrant, as a necklace. A very seen among celebrities and models from the likes of Kendall Jenner. Report and images: Efe

Models present creations for the feminine collection Autumn Winter 2019 20
Models present creations for the feminine collection, the French designer Jacquemus

Don’t you imagine that appears in these leagues!

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