James Gunn shared on Spotify, a new mixtape from Guardians of the Galaxy



We are all Groot.


If you danced as if no one will see while listening to the soundtrack of Guardians of the GalaxyJames Gunn has prepared a gift. The director prepared a long new playlist Guardians on Spotify, with more songs from the decade of 1960 and 1970, inspiring nostalgia for those sounds soft rock and pop rock with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) dances gladly when you tour planets extraterrestrials.

“Today I added the playlist Meredith Quill”s Complete Awesome Mix to my account in Spotify for you to enjoy,” wrote Gunn on Monday, April 20, in your account of Instagram.

The cassette with songs mixed by Peter Quill, a gift from his mother Meredith shortly before his death, connect with the Earth while he, as Star Lord, lives great adventures in the outer space.

Not all of the favorite songs of the mother of Peter is heard in the first two films of the saga, but the wonder is that they can all be enjoyed in this playlistperfect for listening while you work from home.

“I never had the intention of sharing these songs, because it is possible to use them in future movies,” wrote Gunn.

“But I think that the need that we all have something of joy in these difficult times is beyond all that.”

Listen Meredith Quill”s Complete Awesome Mixwith songs from David Bowie, Lou Reed, Stevie Wonder and many more artists Spotify.

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