Jennifer Aniston follows a routine of different exercises to stay in shape


Jennifer Aniston is a woman that no matter the decade in which it is found, it looks radiant. We fell in love with since we met her as Rachel Green in Friends, but his charm seems to n0 will spend a year on, has us captivated. What is the secret? A healthy diet, and of course, a routine of exercise.

For those who don’t know, your coach is Leyon Azubike, a trainer of celebrities who also has his own studio, and that you already spent time working with the protagonist of the series Dumplin. Jennifer Aniston you can be relaxed in their characters, but when it requires you to be in shape, take all of your discipline to achieve this, particularly when you are preparing for a paper or to go to an awards ceremony.

This is the training of Jennifer Aniston

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The trainer of Jennifer Aniston he confessed that when it comes to dealing with celebrity, he is diversify your workoutsso that you don’t get bored. Sometimes, the celeb train for an hour and a half daily when preparing for something in your calendar, but if your schedule will not allow it, then try to exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

The exercise routines that made Jennifer Aniston

Exercises with bands

Any exercise change when you add this detail, because you work a little more resistance. Figures like Tracy Anderson have an approved method to do it, but if you’re at home, it is best to start with simple exercises to strengthen the body.

Squats with bands

Place your legs in such a way that you can create one with your silhouette, but wearing the bands at the ankles. Performs squats 40 seconds with the abdomen inward and then back raise: 5 sets of 10 repetitions, creating breaks between each one.

Stretch bands with arms

Sit on a flat surface and lift the arms with a band, this time to create a To be inverted with them. Lower your arms while keeping your leagues straight and then goes back up. Start by performing 5 sets of 10 reps: remember that it is very important to keep the band stretched to really see results.

Jump rope

It may seem a simple exercise, but what is certain is that allows you to strengthen the entire body and achieve better coordination. Find a rope that fits your height and then use it to jump, you’ll see that in addition, your balance will improve. Start by making 200 jumps with a rest interval.


The boxing is an excellent cardio exercise that you can even do in your house. If you don’t have gloves you can use a band: only that in this case, it’s best to have a tutorial of 20 minutes (approximately) with a full circuit of arms and legs. You will see that another advantage of this sport is that it helps to relieve the stress.

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