Jennifer Lopez is rejoicing in quarantine, she used face cloths but forget about their children

We all know how complicated that can be our children met years ago during the cuetentenabecause we don’t want his birthday to pass unnoticed, the same thing happened to Jennifer Lopez, who attempted to have the daughter of your fiance A-Road to celebrate his day in the company of their friends, but only got criticism for their irresponsibility.

The step-daughter of Jennifer Lopez met 12 years and the beautiful singer did not let that celebration be something without importance, so we organized a meeting with his friends in spite of the pandemichowever what has left a little bad to the singer is that all the guests wore mask, even she, but not her children.

Through social networks it has published a video in which are a series of vans with children inside to celebrate the birthday number 12 She, the daughter of the fiance of Jennifer Lopezbut this has not been welcomed by everybody, since despite the fact that the actress and singer is in the midst of the garden are, in truth, many of the people present.

The criticism did not wait especially because Jennifer Lopez brings mask while their children do not behave, in addition to that meetings should be avoided as part of the WHO recommendations against the pandemic by coronavirus so the JLo it has received messages desaprobatorios.

Jennifer Lopez seems to be a little tired of the cuerentena as this is not the first time that you are seen breaking the rules, a few weeks ago he was amazed at a gym with her fiancewithout any kind of protection, and was until his assistant noticed the paparazzi that began to clean the truck of the singer with gel antibacterial.

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