Joe Russo believes that there will be a movie of Community


The past 1 of April Community it finally came to Netflix, and this not only opened up a possibility for more people to enjoy the series created by Dan Harmon, but that the executive producer and director Joe Russo confident that this could also give rise to a movie.

In an interview with Collider to purpose of the premiere of Extractionthe new Netflix movie written by Joe Russo and starring Chris Hemsworth, the director revealed that it has quite a few expectations with respect to a film of Community.

“We are certainly willing to do (a movie). We love our family, Community”, commented the director, who worked on the series alongside his brother, Anthony Russo. “That cast, we are still very close with all of them. Without a doubt, will depend on the agenda for us. But I think that there will be a film Community, especially now that he is doing so well in the streaming. Someone like Netflix could take a step forward and make that movie.”

In fact, Russo has thought of so much in the possibility of a movie Community already it is clear that the budget of the project would be limited in comparison to other works of its curriculum.

“I don’t think you want to see (a movie) with a budget really, really big”, he noted Russo. “Part of what is so compelling about the program is that it is very picturesque, it is Greendale somewhat poor. I don’t think that you want to run a movie all of a sudden with a high production value and a design scenarios. Unless we go to a fantastic place or let one of our concepts of exploration of gender. But I think that easily zacharias that movie by its budget”.

Unfortunately up to the moment there is nothing concrete with respect to a film of Communitybut while everything remains in the realm of intentions, Russo recalls with affection the story developed in the Greendale Community College.

“The other thing that we learned when we work in Community is that we constantly were exploring and subverting the genre”, said Russo. “It seemed like all the weeks we chased our style and our tone, his look, the music, the way in which they behaved characters. We were able to explore the genre at a very deep level”.

“When you’re subverting the genre, what you’re studying, to such a point that you’re really understanding the nuances of the same. That was critical, and certainly the episodes of paintball were a huge part of our race in Marvel”, added.