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The popular clamor says that “

Michael Jordan

he won six titles”, that “Michael Jordan never lost a Final of the NBA“that “Michael Jordan was the best to his companions,” that “Michael Jordan played in the best era of the NBA”, but how true it can be all of this? and above all, how conscious is the average amateur of the myths or theories that defends?


Chicago Bulls

of the 1990s undoubtedly marked an era and were the best team of his era in the NBA, the sweep with six titles, more than any other team in that span, but here is removed one of the myths that linger, call it as you call the team or his great figure: in basketball to win collectively, not individually.

It is true that Jordan was a key piece for the Bulls won six trophies Larry O’brien, but throughout his career he shared with great players who helped to achieve the collective goal, and many of the times are not mecionados with the right dimension, since it does not get part of the credit that they deserve by not be equitably shared.

No, this is not about undermining the merit to MJ, but to recognize those who also played that role on the way to forge a legend collective, which are the Bulls of the 90’s, and a single that is the own Jordan. A good way to measure it is by the type of companions he’s had, and more in specific, those that have transcended beyond, that is to say, who reached the Hall of Fame.

The list of great players with label immortal on the side of MJ the make up Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Robert Parish and Toni Kukoc. It might seem short, but it is not, if we take into account the total number of players who ended up in the Hall of Fame of the teams that is faced is not so extensive, then it is more valued to the ‘accomplices’ of Jordan.

To put that in perspective, this large group of players, adding the six crowns of Michael Jordan, accumulates a total of 24 titles: Pippen six, Rodman five, Parish four, and Kucoc other three.

Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Vlade Divac, Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley, Gary Payton, John Stockton and Karl Malone are the players who reached the status of immortals and who became rivals of the Bulls of the 1990s in the NBA Finals. Another fact deafening is that this list of players amount to just 10 titles, because several of them not won a single championship in their careers.

At the End of 1991, in the face of flagging THE Lakers, Pippen was the second best scorer (20.8) and the best in rebounds (9.4) per game; in 1992, against Portland, Pippen repeated as a second canastero (20.8), but continued to be the better rebounder (8.3) and has emerged as the best passer (7.7); in 1993, against Phoenix, Pippen returned, with 21.2 points per game, to second to MJ on the offensive, but they remained the best of the Bulls on the boards (9.2) and assists (7.7).

Access to the dressing room of the Chicago Bulls with Chip Schaefer

After the two years of the retirement of Jordan, in the three championships that followed, in 1996 against Seattle, Pippen remained second in Chicago in points (15.7), but again the leader in assists (5.3) in these Finals, although Dennis Rodman has emerged as leader in rebounds (14.7); the following year, in the first duel against Utah, Pippen (20.0) remained as the second attack force and it was the best in boards (8.3); and in the second confrontation with Jazz in 1998, it was Scottie Pippen who backed the offensive as the second best option (15.7) and the best in assists (4.8), but Rodman will be highlighted in boards (8.3).

It is true that Jordan led the Bulls offensively in each of those six NBA Finals that took place in the decade of the 90, and that the matches are won with points, but it would be a very simplistic view of things to see unidimensionally, because you need of the other factors that affect a result.
This ranges from what can be quantified, such as rebounds, assists, steals and plugs, even the things that don’t go into the boxscore as a player run a sprint from side to side to support the attack or back to defend, or when someone is thrown to the hurt by a ball, or suffocate defensively the best player of the opposite team, and that was precisely the work that made the cast that respladó to MJ for his legend to establish.