Justin Bieber is busy working in music ‘special”

LOS ANGELES (united States).- Justin Bieber he jumped to his account of Instagram in live to chat with some lucky fans and, during one of his talks off the cuff, he let slip that he was busy working on new music “special” during the quarantine COVID-19.

Broadcasting from his home in Canada, Justin I was chatting casually with a fan on IG Live when he said: “We are working on something really special now. Hopefully when this all calms down a bit, we can launch some new things. And go on tour eventually, so I’m excited for that.”

Justin it has been pleasing its followers with a lot of content in spite of the orders of self-isolation. Despite the fact that you can’t see his fans in person, the creative artist has been randomly to your IG live to chat directly with their fans so you can stay connected.

It was assumed that Justin was going to hit the road for your tour Changes, which included 45 dates, the 14th of may. This would have been his first live tour in nearly three years. But unfortunately had to be postponed due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

But, only because his tour has been delayed does not mean that the love for the music of Justin is waiting. Not only has he been working on new music, he has also been acting, albeit virtually. On Saturday, April 18, Justin he gave them to his faithful followers the best surprise when he joined the #BieberVirtualConcert that took place in the social application of live audio MixIr.

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