Justin Bieber is offered to play in your house [VIDEO]

The singer Justin Bieber offers to play at your home with the purpose of raising funds against the pandemic.

Justin Bieber is offered to play in your house [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber is joining a challenge is that people collaborate to help those affected by the coronavirus Covid-19. | Source: Google

Justin Bieber is also one of the artists that he wants to help raise funds against the pandemic and has joined the “All in Challehge”. This is a challenge that is of help to the millions of people affected by the coronavirus Covid-19 and in return he will act in the house of a winner.

The musician canadian, who is in his native country with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, has announced this challenge in his official account of Instagram.

“Hello to you all. I have accepted the challenge All in Challenge. Involved so that you can travel to your town, visit your house and sing something for you, as many are asking me, One less lonely girl, and maybe some others. Help us to feed the hungry during these challenging times. Also Kanye West, Chris Brown and Chris Pratt, I challenge you to join the challenge” he pointed out the former couple Selena Gomez in her Instagram.

Unfortunately, this contest is only for United States and Canada but perhaps it can be extended to the rest of the world.

Obviously, this will be done once circumstances allow and the countries of the world do not follow in emergency santiaria by the coronavirus.

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