Kelly Clarkson releases new song, In Spanish!


Kelly Clarksonthe winner of the first American Idol she has sung in Spanish and in other languages, to bring the world their message with the song I Dare You (I dare You to love) which premiered last April 16, and that talks about love in every sense.

In the song the interpreter it tells the story of a love misunderstood, which seeks to find his place in the world, despite the fact that there are still many prejudices about diversity in love.

The singer has considered that the message in this song is necessary, so that it must reach to every corner of the world, therefore he was not content with doing it in English, but took advantage to make it in several languages, such as Spanish, French, Italian, and yes, she sings in all these languages, together with some exponent of the music in that language.

The project Multilanguage Kelly Clarkson

In the case of the Spanish language, the interpreter of “Stronger” collaborated with the singer Blas Sang who will be the representative of Spain in the festival song Eurovision, and who gave voice to the version “I challenge You to love.”

For the French language, Kelly Clarkson collaborated with the popular singer Zaz, recognized for its success Je’veux, and together give voice to the version “’appelle Ton Amour”, where yes, the american also sings in French.

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Also made a version in German, and even in Israel, with the goal that the message reaches all the people and that the language is not a problem for the world know that it’s time to respect the love and all its diversity.

Yes, the version that is most liked is the global mix, which made all the performers, with in which is recorded each one in your home, which already has hundreds of thousands of reproductions.