Kylie Jenner during the coronavirus is much like you: photos


  • Kylie Jenner has left to see by the paparazzi, and in this photo it looks like it! Although we like much more, because we are representing the 100% during the crisis of the coronavirus.
  • We are still investigating whether the entrepreneur and Travis Scott are going together to the quarantine.

    I lift the hand that takes weeks without grooming! Wow. I small amount of hands! But hey, if you up to Kylie Jenner have uploaded yours! And these photos that we have just discovered to prove it.

    The entrepreneur ‘beauty’ is well-known for the incredible ‘looks’ that leads to all the sides, the long hair extensions that make you multiply your minimelena bob up to lengths undreamed-of and the make-up superproducidos that is done with the products of their own firm. Though, of course, we now find ourselves in the middle of the pandemic virus COVID-19 and we are sure of that, to be at home, she also goes out of maquearse so much! What’s more, I can say thanks to a few stills that got a paparazzi Kylie leaving her house.

    In them appears completely without makeup or extensions of any kind, wearing a tracksuit tie —dye, obviously, does not cease to be a faithful follower of the trends— and holding a bag of potato chips and a bottle of water. Yes, we could be any of us.

    The ‘pints’ of quarantine by the coronavirus of Kylie Jenner we represent a lot

    kylie jenner


    Thus, he showed Kylie Jenner once again that it is still as human as us… even though we’re going to kill to have his wardrobe and toilet. Good luck!