Lady Gaga revealed the full tracklist and collaborations for his new album


Lady Gaga has been preparing his sixth album of study from several months ago and in fact, after the global launch of his single “Stupid love” happened in February, what consequential damages would be the release of the full disc, event that was cancelled by the artist due to the current contingency by coronavirus you live in a great part of the nations of the world.

This Wednesday morning the u.s. chain of stores to Target diffused on internet pre-sale-expected album of Gaga, where it was confirmed the rumored tracklist of “Chromatica”, as appointed to the project, which has generated buzz among fans of the singer, because in addition to disclosed the name of the items that comprise ithave also confirmed the rumors related to the possible musical collaborations with Blackpink and Ariana Grande.

In the photograph, which allegedly corresponds to the back cover of the album in its edition physics, we read that the collaboration between the singer of 34 years old, born in New York and the idols, as they are known to the exponents of K-pop, was embodied in the song “Sour candy”, which has generated the supporters of both fandoms display excited.

In that image many were official from the indiscreet publication of Target, because it corresponds to the identity type used by Lady Gaga in his press kit current, appear also the names of other stars like Ariana Grandein the song “Rain on me”; and the british legend Elton John, with the subject “Sine ” from above”.

“Chromatica” will be released in more than three years since their last studio album “Joanne” to go on the market, October 21, 2016. This sixth work was scheduled to be released internationally on the 10th day of April, but also an actress of the film “A star is born” decided to postpone the release date due to the contingency of global health.

At the time, the new date has yet to be formally confirmed, and among the surprises prepared for the launch was lorganization of a surprise concert as part of the Coachella festival, postponed until the autumn for the same reason.

I have taken the difficult decision to postpone the premiere of ‘Chromatica’. Times are difficult for many of us and I think that art is one of the things stronger that we have to promote happiness and healing in times like these. I don’t feel that is right to launch this album with everything that is happening during the global pandemic,” said in mid-march who leaped to fame in 2008 with the theme “Just dance”.

Lady Gaga recently organized in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the concert “Together at home” with Global Citizen to raise money to benefit those affected by the coronavirus. In the event online they acted from their homes The Rolling Stones, Maluma, Jennifer Lopez, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, among others, and raised more than $ 127 million.

The afternoon of this Wednesday, the same singer of “Bad romance” and “The edge of glory” was the one who confirmed the filtration of the tracklist when you hang it in your feed of Instagram that could be the back cover officer, which coincided with the filtered image by the morning.

In addition to revealing the name of all the tracks, among which are songs like “Love me right”, “Plastic doll” and “Enigma”, has called the attention of the fans that there are three tracks called “Chromatica” spread at the beginning, middle, and end of the work, and named as parties “I”, “II” and “III”.