Liga MX: Narrator TUDN compared to Romario Ibarra with actress adult film (Video)


The choose MX he has left several amusing moments in these four days. From the first date, several fans realized that in addition to the entertainment that they would have the meetings, it would be a sea of fun actions.

We have seen it all, from the signal cut off, the appearance of family members during the transmission, strange celebrations and the occasional rudeness, all this for the passion that you feel when you play the choose MX.

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However, this day happened one of the strangest things inside a transmission of a meeting of the select MX during the match between Club Pachuca and Club Tigers. Near the end of the match Romario Ibarra burst down the right sideline when the narrator compared the movements of the player with those of an actress of films for adults.

The narrator is referred to Riley Reidone of the actresses more known to the industry. Of course, this comment did not go unnoticed by the fans, who quickly made him trend on social networks. Without a doubt, choose MX has not left a trunk of memories.