Maluma gets romantic and is not with his girlfriend



Urban music has been constantly criticized by the content of their letters, as some affirm that they can get to be too offensive, and even getting to have a negative influence on the behavior of young people.

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However, despite the different opinions on the musical genre, there are a large number of singers that no matter how explicit that is their music, they have a very good reception by the public.

Maluma is one of the singers urban more recognized at the international level. His music has been honored on numerous occasions, so that artists with a long career like Madonna, have decided to collaborate with him.

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Now the artist through their social networks has decided to bring out his romantic side. As in their stories of Instagram shared a video where you can see him declaiming a few beautiful verses.

In another of his publications, the Colombian surprised to interpret those same verses accompanied by his acoustic guitar. What that seems to indicate that this is a preview of his new single that released tomorrow Thursday.