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The actor and humorist argentine Marcos Mundstock, one of the founders of the group Les Luthiers, died Wednesday in his home in the town of buenos aires in Vicente López at the age of 77, confirmed to Efe sources of your environment.

“After more than a year of dealing with a health issue that became irreversible, Marcos, our companion and friend, finally broke it”plasma , an official press release, which gives an account of the death.

Last January, it was announced that Mundstock, who was also a radio broadcaster and participated as actor in various films, you should prolong during the entire 2020 the medical leave that kept him away from the scenarios, due to a disease that is not revealed, and rest.

With his physical disappearance, they are the three founding members of Les Luthiers deceased, after Gerardo Masana, in 1973, and Daniel Rabinovich, in 2015.

“From now on, each of us must begin to walk the painful path of learning to live with its absence. But not today. Today to think of games or absences, it is all too sad. Today we prefer to evoke everything that Mark provided to us, and we will keep with us forever”, adds the statement issued this Wednesday.


Born in Santa Fe on may 25, 1942, Mark, nicknamed ‘Bare’, was the announcer of Les Luthiers, a group of musicians-actors-comedians very popular not only in Argentina but in the rest of Latin america and in Spain, which is next to Masana, Rabinovich, Jorge Maronna founded in 1967.

Mundstock, who along with his family moved to Buenos Aires at the age of six, he began a young man the career of Engineering -that left her in third year – and he studied voice at the time he entered the choir of Engineering, where he met the future members of Les Luthiers.

In the group he channeled his passion for writing and humor, and was in charge of reading the introductions of the works.

“His serious and deep voice, his serious countenance (although sometimes it also shows its side clown) and its large qualities to write and interpret texts humorous are some of its multiple qualities”, underlines the obituary officer.


Considered to be the integral part of less musical trainingsince we only played a wind instrument (such as the gom-horn, a kind of trumpet made with a hose and a funnel created by the own Les Luthiers) and some percussion, highlighted his talent.

“We will be your professionalism. His drive, his work ethic and his respect end by the public, values that we all share and that he defended from the moment of creation of Les Luthiers”, the statement added.

Their environment he also notes their “fellowship”, in both the professional and the personal and their ability to respect the opinions of others, “even in dissent”, as well as their “jokes daily, fast, and amazingly clever”.

“We will be so many things from Mark, that even in the midst of the sadness and the pain that we are experiencing, we can not stop to thank life, and feel privileged to have walked with him throughout this stretch of the road”, the text concludes today.


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