Milan, the eldest son of Shakira and Pique, makes a special gift to their dads


In these days of quarantine, we have expanded our curriculum because, in addition to telework, be parents, organizers, and caretakers of our childrenwe have become also in hairdressers, playmates, and teachers. The suspension of the school year has made it that small continue their tasks from home, where on numerous occasions in need of our help.

Shakira and Pique dealing also with the quarantine, accompanied by their two sons, Milan and Sasha, to which they are trying to keep entertained with different activities. Pulling a classic, the greatest of them, Milan, it has faded some t-shirts with colors, and has given him an his mom.

This, proud of the work of his little, has shared the result on their social networks.

Today with a t-shirt tie dye that I did Milan“, he expounded. This has not only been a detail with the artist these days, also with his father, to whom he has given us a poem in English that you translate.

“I love my charming father,
always makes me feel good.
Is the best friend I have,
never makes me sad

Plays all the sports with me
and likes to go jet skiing.

We like to climb trees
and to escape from the bees.

We invented a lot of things
and we played chess as kings.

We like to make me jump in the arms
and end up hugging us

We like to ride a bike
and hiking

I love my charming father,
what makes me feel good.”

A poem of the most tender that little has been written of his fist and letter, thinking of his dad. “Very proud of him“, boasted by the footballer. And it is well know that the best gifts are those that the children give to their parents: hugs, kisses, drawings, poems, the “I love you” more sincere… don’t we need more!!

The talent of Sasha

The other small is not far behind. Shakira it has also boasted of it these days on social networks, precisely because of their talent making photos. “I think my son Sasha wants to be a photographer“ said the interpreter The bike next to a snapshot that had brought him out this. In you what we have!